Reggie's Mission

My Mission

The Mr. He Got Game and Friends is a life & relationship experience dedicated to bringing good people together for a multitude of fun!

Are you single or a couple? Heck, it doesn’t matter!

We have activities that are sure to meet everyone’s level of excitement. Our mission is to provide activities and outings that will bring people together, forge friendships, and create memories and experiences that will leave long lasting impressions for a lifetime.

The Mr. He Got Game hosts a variety of incredible events each year. Join us for some of our activities:

• Community Events (e.g., feeding the homeless, cancer races, etc.)
• Live Debates w/Microphones and Pictures
• Fitness Challenges at Stone Mountain Park
• Sky Diving
• Paint Ball
• Bowling
• Old School House Parties
• Reunions in the Park
• Party Bus Trips
• Great Escape Weekends
• Annual Cruise to the Bahamas
• Educational Voyages to Historic Cities and Landmarks in the U.S. and Abroad

Whatever your taste Mr. He Got Game has something just for you! This is where mature-minded adults can come together to discuss life & relationship topics.

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