Reginald Wedgie Wilson

Bringing the Experience to You

This is My Story

Born 1968 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Reginald “Reggie” Wilson was raised by his mother, Melvyne Wilson, a single mother of two. Despite the absence of his father’s presence in his life, Reggie has been regarded as a father figure and mentor to many children who share a similar background as his. Coming from humble beginnings, Reggie helped his great grandfather, a sharecropper from Tennessee, to cultivate the land. Life in Milwaukee provided a balance between education and family. As a child, he enjoyed playing the violin, karate, roller skating, skateboarding, summer visits to his grandparents in Covington, TN and other relatives across the Midwest.

In 1986, eighteen year old Reggie joined the United States Marines as a Rank E4 Aviation Technician. During his tenure of serving our country, Reggie developed many character traits that have proven to be beneficial over the course of his career.  Becoming a self starter, independent thinker, proud, and honorable man are some of the attributes that have made Reggie appreciate his time served as a Marine. His final station was in
Atlanta, which he has called home since 1988.

In 2005, Reggie discovered his passion was connecting with people. He began co-hosting
live debates called Conscious Movement Entertaining at various venues, like D’Jango’s Lounge, in downtown Atlanta. His live debates featuring topics such as politics, sex, religion, crime, relationships, etc., was held in front of a diverse crowd of white and blue collar professional as well as an urban mainstream audience of  bloggers and fans of social media. Over time, the demand for Reggie’s “No Filter” discussion forum and “shoot from the hip” approach to
tackling modern day topics increased.  As did his vision to grow his empire.

In 2008, Reggie began hosting annual family day picnics at local Atlanta parks as a way of bringing the community
together. Some of the activities offered were kickball, volleyball, face painting, free food, and live entertainment.
If an event supported his mission of bringing families and the community together for a common purpose, Reggie was involved.

In 2011, Reggie recorded his first live show entitled “The Mr. He Got Game Show”. The show focused on helping men and women open their hearts and minds to the possibilities of having a real relationship. His live debates featured topics on dating, religion, fitness, fashion, and housekeeping tips. The show was recorded live and broadcast on YouTube.  In a short period of time, The Mr. He Got Game Show was a hit among his audience with over 66,000 views.
In addition to the discussion forums, Reggie had an idea to provide an opportunity for his audience to affordably travel with the show’s host as well as meet some of their fellow audience members. Some of the trips included Africa, Brazil, Bahamas, Egypt, Jamaica, and Hawaii. The last Mr. He Got Game trip was a Party Bus to Mardi Gras.