Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and now I am here in Atlanta, Georgia.   What a journey I have been on.  Sometimes I can’t believe how much I have done and am amazed at how much more I expect to do in the future.  Most of all, I hope to do the things that makes a difference in the lives of others.


I am on a mission to bring people together.  Building relationships and expanding connections is what I am all about.  But, I don’t stop with simple connections…I provide activities and outings that continually create opportunities for us to truly get to the level of bonding that creates friendships that last a lifetime.


We do it all.  Parties, movies, skydiving, charities, picnics, fundraisers…and so much more.  Mr. He Got Game won’t let you get bored because you will be just to busy enjoying life.  Take a look at a few of our excursions.

Jamaica Fest

We had fun!  We made so many good memories.  We laughed, splashed, danced and soaked up the Jamaica sun.

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